Monday, August 3, 2015

An Evening Together

This was me and my hubby tonight. Usually we're on the couch "pretending" to work, with our computers on our laps. Today we moved to the table, which was a nice and necessary change of routine. I thought it was a real sweet moment, until I started to draw it. Which drawing moments always frustrate me because it never looks the way I want it to, as fast as I want it to. For some reason all of the sudden I should be able to draw something outstanding in two minutes (because that's as far as my attention span will reach at those moments, as you can see with this terrible rough and horridly rushed sketch). It's just that I wanted to capture the moment, cuz when I started the drawing, I was beginning to think "see I can work, and be with family!" ....and then two seconds later I was terribly irritated because the table kept getting bumped. (which was not David's fault in the slightest, I just get easily irritated while drawing cuz it's never going the way I want it to.) But imagine if three little kids were running around. I'd be going crazy.

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