Monday, August 3, 2015

It's Time to Dream

I don't often actually write on my blog. But maybe that's about to change? I keep reflecting on whether I should start a brand new blog that I would write stuff, but I might as well work with what I have, eh? So - the Four Hour Work Week (you can find the audiobook via youtube) told me to write down my dreams and share them with someone, so here in this blog I am doing both. What do I want... What would a perfect world look like for me? Traveling. Drawing. Sharing the Plan of Salvation, answering questions of the soul. Making funny cartoons. Hm. That's a lot of variety. It would be wicked sweet to have a travel blog, where I could make funny cartoons, and post interviews about my conversations with people about their beliefs, and then add a caricature. Would people read it? How would I find the funds to travel? Could I travel and have kids? If I kickstarted a book that would include my comics and paintings from travel, would people buy it? Or is more of something that would be interesting to people just through a blog? Since people don't buy coffee table books that often? These are my dreams. And my doubts.

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